Castor oil FSG is a pale, yellow viscous liquid free from suspended matter and insoluble in water.

Product Specification:

Acid Value 2.0 Max.
Saponification Value 175.0 Min.
Iodine Value 81-90
Hydroxyl Value 155 Min.
Colour on Loribond 1” 2.2y / 0.3 R

Packing in 200kg HDPE MS Drums and ISO containers in bulk.

Castor oil finds application in a wide variety of uses and is the starting material for most other derivatives of castor oil.
– As an ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications
– In combinations with styrene & diisocynates for a film forming Varnish or a substantially insoluble infusible polymer
– As lubricant component of coatings for vitamin and mineral Tablets.
– As an ingredient for petroleum oil-field de-emulsification
– As capacitor impregnate
– As a sonar transducer fluid
– As a dielectric material for electrical condensers
– In manufacture of polyurethane casting resins
– In hydraulic fluids for automobiles, trucks and machinery
– As a starting material for most other derivatives of Castor Oil